Research services

I can perform genealogical and historical records research at any local or national records office in England.  I am an experienced palaeographer and can perform expert transcriptions of English documents from the 12th to 19th centuries, including Latin translations.  I have worked with numerous types of records, from parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; probates (wills and administrations); manorial records (court rolls, court books, rentals, surveys), court records (Chancery, Quarter Sessions, Star Chamber, King's Bench, High Court of Admiralty), E179 taxation records, Feet of Fines, Winchester Pipe Rolls, State Papers, Customs Books of the Exchequer, guild and apprenticeship records, and many others.

I can track down and transcribe specific records you have found cited in other research, or I can perform wide surveys of records from a specific location looking for references to an individual or surname of interest.

Research Fee:  £30/hour (additional surcharges may apply for photography/scanning, distance travel, postage, certificates, etc.)  Payment options include PayPal, or international checks or money orders made out in Great British Pounds.

Types of documents


I can deal with the following types of record classes (and many more):

  • Manorial Documents
  • Chancery lawsuits
  • Probate records, wills, administrations, etc
  • Patent rolls (C 66)
  • Close rolls (C 58)
  • Charter rolls (C 54)
  • Inquisitions post mortem
  • E 179 taxation records
  • Feet of fines (CP 25/2)
  • Assize records and Quarter Sessions (ASSI & JUST)
  • King’s Bench records (KB)
  • Apprenticeship Records
  • Parish registers
  • Maps and plans
  • Merchant seamen records
  • State Papers
  • Army records
  • Tithe maps and apportionments
  • Documents concerning mineral rights
  • Winchester Pipe Rolls
  • High Court of Admiralty records (HCA)

I can also produce finished work in the following formats:

  • Translations
  • Transcriptions
  • Summaries
  • Document lists (in excel spreadsheets)
  • Report into general surveys and searches of document


I can visit other archives in London, south-east England and elsewhere in England (extra charges for travel costs), including:

  • British Library
  • Guildhall Library
  • London Metropolitan Archives
  • Surrey History Centre
  • Berkshire Record Office
  • Essex Record Office
  • Hampshire Archives
  • Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
  • Hertfordshire Record Office
  • Bedfordshire Record Office
  • Duchy of Cornwall Record Office

Other record repositories through England (if travel and accommodation is paid for).